About us

Crnko family engages in agriculture. We cultivate 20 hectars of acres on which we mainly seed corn and crops. We also have a farm for pig fattening with capacity of 850 units per interval. Also, we pursue viticulture. On location of Pustike we have 3500 grapevines and on Veliki Vrh 12000. Selection of sorts offers the most represented rhein riesling, chardonay, pinot red and grey, green mace wine, sauvignon etc.

Wines, with controlled origin, have won several golden medals in Croatia and abroad in last 15 years. In our vine cellars one can find quality archive vines. We are only ones in Varaždinska županija to produce ice wine.

In year 1992. we decided to supplement our production and at Pustike we started rural tourism. In well decorated restaurant we can host up to 140 persons and 6 sleeping rooms contain 16 renewed antique beds.

Date 04. 04. 2008. on location Veliki Vrh in Kelemen we opened rural tourism „Crnko II“. Vineyard and wood, size of 3 hectars, is bought from count Bombeles. Renewed in original style, house was built in 1929.

On same location is object with two well equipped apartments.

We invite you to visit us and to enjoy your stay.

Crnko Family